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Assorted Color Gel pencil grips 6 pk. 6 enday colors.

  • Type: Pencil Grips
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Product description

6 Fun Colors
Gel grips comes in 6 diverse colors so that you can coordinate your school supplies to get the fun or chic look you desire. The pencil grips for kids and toddlers come in assortment of exciting colors blue, green, pink, and purple, orange, grey. The kids pencil holders are made in a lively shape to cultivate children’s interest in writing. Contemporary design and fun colors brighten up your daily life.

Ergonomic Grip
Make writing a pleasant, comfortable, and fun experience for young learners and adults with our pencil grips for adults and kids. Helps reduce writing fatigue, soreness, blisters and protects fingers from becoming chafed. The grips aids children learning to write and guides them to have a proper pencil posture, They also reduce muscle strain and hand cramps perfect for experienced writers and writers in training.

Fits Standard Size Pencils
Our pencil grippers are made from a top quality, long lasting, ultra - soft silicone material. The gel pencil grips will keep their shape and are suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users. Slip the cushion pencil grip on effortlessly and once on they do not fall off easily. The soft materials provide a tactile sensation for sensory customers. They fit on most standard size pencils and pens and many other drawing and writing tools.

The Educated Choice

Make the decision that will make your child and/or your inner child delighted. We produce items made with quality materials ready to endure the daily grind so, that your supplies will last you from year to year. You won’t go wrong with Enday it is the smart way to go!

Great Educational Supplies

These colorful pencil / pen grips are super lively and bright and bring excitement to young students learning important life skills. They not only make school exciting, but they also assist preschool toddlers in learning how to position a pencil properly between their fingers. Here at Enday we love to bring joy into every aspect of schooling.

Easy on the Hands

Love to write by hand but your arthritis or bruised fingers stop you?! With these pencil grips never have that problem again. Soft and sturdy these gel grippers help you have a relaxed grip on pencils so that writing is a breeze. Let your imagination flow and write with nothing holding you back.


Soft gel pencil grips – 8 pack

Non – toxic, squishy, silicone materials – keeps its shape

Fit most pens or pencils – slips on with ease and stays on

Help eliminate hand cramps, blisters, and sore fingers

Can correct and aid writing posture

Suitable for right and left-handed users

Assorted bright colors – pink, purple, green and blue

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Assorted Color Gel pencil grips 6 pk. 6 enday colors.


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