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0.2 FL OZ (7 mL) Metal Tip Correction Pen (2/Pack)

  • Type: Correction
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Product description

Pack Of 2
Packaged in a small bottle the liquid white out has a foam tip. The white out holder contains 7 ml of fluid and comes 2 in a pack so that it will last for the costumer. Great for all mistakes since once dried, it can be written over with the correct wording, punctuation, or spelling. Have no more worries about making errors, with our correction fluid handy.

Instant Overwrite
Faster drying formula with bright fluid that blends well with white paper and coves handwritten and printed ink-even permanent marker. Made from high quality and safe materials, for the safety of the consumer and environment. The foam wand white outs for arts are long lasting, and has a smooth finish, to cleanly and rapidly correct any mistakes on any document.

Fine Metal Tip
White correction liquid has a foam brush applicator which makes it easier to apply on Paper. The white out is designed to blend into the paper and its applicator spreads an even and smooth coat of white out. With its fine tip it can accurately cover and correct small areas, fine, lines, and details. Made to get the job done efficiently and properly.

The Educated Choice

Make the decision that will make your child and/or your inner child delighted. We produce items made with quality materials ready to endure the daily grind so, that your supplies will last you from year to year. You won’t go wrong with Enday it is the smart way to go!

Keep the focus on your writing

Write freely with a peace of mind and your handy Enday pen corrector by your side. Made to correct pen and printer ink for your convenience. Compact and small to carry in your pocket, bag, briefcase, and pencil case so it can be accessed easily and used whenever needed.

A Quick and Easy Fix

Our pen white outs make precise corrections. With its fast-drying and smooth formula you can update the mistake neatly on the spot. Just a little pressure to get the liquid flowing and your error is no more.

Safety Comes First

At Enday safety is a priority. Our white outs are produced with you and the earth in mind. Buy at ease knowing our liquid corrector ingredients are from organic compounds and are safe for the ozone layer. Edit away at peace.


2 Pack

Contains 7 ml fluid

Soft Squeeze Barrel

Long Lasting

Fast drying and smooth finish

Made of organic and ozone safe compounds

Fine metal tip - for accurate and precise corrections

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0.2 FL OZ (7 mL) Metal Tip Correction Pen (2/Pack)


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