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12" (30cm) Stainless Steel Ruler w/ Non Skid Back

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Product description

Hanging Hole
Stainless steel ruler is designed with a hanging hole so it can be hung on a hook and keep things organized. Calculate and draw flawlessly straight lines with the metal edge ruler on all art, blue prints, drawings, and projects. These rulers for drawing features sharp delineated numerals for accurate and precise measurements. They are beneficial for students in math classes providing them with specific measurements.

Dual Scale
The ruler measures in inches and metrics and has etched on 1/32 inch for the ease of all consumers. The metal ruler’s have inches on one edge of the ruler and centimeters on the other edge, measurement range is up to 12 inches/ 30 cm. With accurate dual sided scales this 12inch ruler will give exact measurements and can be used without concern. The straight edges make the ruler safe and an exemplary choice for kids at school.

Non-Skid Back
These stainless-steel rulers are made from durable and strong metal materials. Engineered so that the rulers are shatter resistant and long lasting. Designed with a rubber backing, so it will not skid. The rubber back will keep the ruler stable, so it won’t smudge the markings beneath it. Our metal straight edge 12-inch rulers provide accurate measurements. These measuring sticks are great tools for school, home and office.

The Educated Choice

Make the decision that will make your child and/or your inner child delighted. We produce items made with quality materials ready to endure the daily grind so, that your supplies will last you from year to year. You will not go wrong with Enday it is the smart way to go!

Inclusive Design

Our metal rulers are created with detailed and thought-out designs that make it a cut above. Starting with that it has both metrics and inches, a hole for hanging, and tough stainless-steel materials that are pretty much unbreakable every minute detail was included, so you can have the perfect measurements and magnificent straight lines you strive for.

Precise Measurements

This tool is the one for any teacher, carpenter, engineer, mathematician, artist etc. with accurate dual scales and straight edge design get all your etching and sketches down to a T. The steel ruler has a rubber backing to hold the ruler in place, so it won’t slip and smudge the ink below it!

Safe and Practical

The perfect ruler for plans, drafts, mathematics, blue prints with its straight and precise calculations. These kids’ rulers for school were created with your child’s safety in mind, they were shaped with rounded edges and are shatterproof to keep a child from cutting or poking themselves while using.


Measures up to 12 inches/ 30 cm

Accurate 1/32 inch and centimeter dual-scale

Made of strong stainless steel

Rubber Back – holds ruler in place and keeps it from smudging work

Hanging hole


Features sharp delineated numerals

No sharp corners

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12" (30cm) Stainless Steel Ruler w/ Non Skid Back


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