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13.5" X 1.5 Yard Clear Self Adhesive Book Cover

  • Type: Book Cover
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Product description

Easy To Peel Liner
The clear adhesive paper is self-stick and has an easy to peel liner for an efficient and smooth experience. Preserve and safeguard books from unfortunate tears and damages with our clear contact paper. This clear contact paper roll has an acid and BPA free, water-resistant finishing that is long lasting and will shield papers and books against unexpected spills, stains ad wear and tear.

Transparent Design
The transparent book cover film has lines to guide the user so they can measure precisely and cut straight lines to get accurate coverage. The cover can be removed and repositioned. The clear contact paper for crafts is transparent so the cover of the book, document etc. can be clearly seen. Keep school textbooks looking fresh and new from year to year.

13.5” x 5’
Our clear book cover can be custom cut to fit school textbooks, office documents and paperback books at home. protection. The roll is big enough to cover multiple items. The light contact paper clear will not add any wight to the books it is stuck too. Light weight paper yet heavy protection on all items it is used on, since it is designed with the customer in mind.

The Educated Choice

Make the decision that will bring you satisfaction when you choose Enday products. These page protectors are crystal clear so that you will have an easy time reading the papers inside. The sleeves come in a 20-pack, substantial enough to clearly organize the material for a business project and school report.

Superior Protection

Keep your textbooks, paper backs, documents and papers looking like new. Our transparent contact paper will safeguard all items they are applied too. With its clear plastic material, you can easily see the book beneath it and will keep the book cover from ripping or getting stained and wet.

Custom Fit

Our clear contact paper roll comes in a long roll for your convenience. They can be easily stored away. With 5 feet to use you can laminate many books with just one roll. Custom cut the paper to the accurate size that you need so as not to waste it. Thoughtfully designed with lines on the film so that you can cut and measure flawlessly!


Clear water-resistant book cover

13.5” x 5’ of lightweight contact paper

Acid and BPA free finish

Self-adhesive and easy-to-peel liner

Simple to remove and reposition

Guidelines on lining for measuring and straight cutting

Transparent to clearly see the cover

Protects against spills, stains and wear and tear

Safeguards books, textbooks, papers, poster, and document

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13.5" X 1.5 Yard Clear Self Adhesive Book Cover


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