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2 holes sharpener 3 pack

  • Type: Sharpener
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Product description

Pack of 3
The perfect school pencil sharpener for kids. The small and compact pencil sharpener fits neatly into a pencil case, supplies box etc. and is easy to hold. Never leave it behind. For your convenience, these dual hole sharpener erasers come in a pack of 3.

Carbon Steel Metal Blade
The pencil sharpener is manufactured with high quality, strong, durable and nontoxic metal materials. With its strong, sharp, long lasting carbon steel metal blade the pencil sharpener for adults sharpens effortlessly. They sharpen to a good point without a lot of waste.

2 Hole Design
Our manual pencil sharpeners features dual holes and works with jumbo and standard pencils, colored pencils, and crayons. Add this lip, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil sharpener to any makeup bag to keep the pencils razor sharp for immaculate application.

The Educated Choice

Make the decision that will make your child and/or your inner child delighted. We produce items made with quality materials ready to endure the daily grind so, that your supplies will last you from year to year. You won’t go wrong with Enday it is the smart way to go!

Superior Quality

Manufactured with sturdy metal materials and a honed blade that will sharpen your pencils efficiently and with ease. Easy for a school age child and any skilled artist to quickly and steadily sharpen their pencils to finish creating their masterpieces. Never be left with dulled edges again.

Diverse Uses

The sharpener that belongs in every pencil or make up case. With fine and pointed tips reach the perfection you always strived for. Whether in school with yours or your child’s penmanship or when working magic on yours or your client’s face. Make your mark when using our manual pencil sharpeners for your standard or jumbo make up pencils, school pencils and crayons.

Made to perfection

With its compact size and bulk packaging these manual two sized holes pencil sharpeners are the best. They are produced in a small size that you can easily slip into your or your child’s pocket or briefcase so it can be transported easily between classroom, office, and home. It can also be brought in bulk to share with friends, classmates and coworkers or it can be used as spares.

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2 holes sharpener 3 pack


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