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#3 Premium Yellow Pencil (12/Pack)

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Product description

Smudge Resistant Eraser
They come in a box of 12 unsharpened pencils. The pencils for school’s durable erasers on the tip make easy and fast corrections. The eraser can also wipe a page clean with little effort. The pencils sharpen easily and smoothly. These number two pencils are long-lasting and can get you through a school year.

Strong Graphite Lead
These drawing pencils are made from premium, high-quality, and non-toxic wood. The pencils #3 glide smoothly over paper and have break-resistant number two cores. Their HB (no 3) hardness grading makes them perfect for most types of writing, drawing, and sketching.

Comfortable To Hold
The wooden pencil’s rounded circular shape blended ergonomic design, offers an effortless, secure, natural, and fatigue-free firm grip, allowing you to comfortably write, scribble or sketch for hours. The no 3 pencil’s hexagonal shape also prevents rolling, which keeps it steady and in one place.

General Info

The hexagonal shape prevents rolling and is comfortable to hold. The pencils are premium quality, meaning they not only write and erase fluidly, but they are also long-lasting and break-resistant. The soft, smudge-free, latex-free eraser comes secured to the end for convenient revision and correction. These are ideal for any school level, as well as within the office. The eraser on top is held strongly with a ferrule and will not loosen easily, which will keep the eraser strongly attached during the pencil’s life span.

Pencils for Sketching and Drawing

All the artist in your art class need is something to draw with, a canvas, & imagination. This class pack of pencils allows every artist to have the tool they need to get started. Perfect for students in kindergarten, taking school exams or college, and for the teacher and general use: workshops, corporate offices, meetings, sketching, writing and drawing.

Multiple Use

The box of pencils emphasizes your handwritten texts, with no shadow on the next page. You can write everything in a nice order without losing anything. Soft, non-smudge rubbers are effective to erase marks completely and will not leave any residue behind. School pencils are used for easy clean sharpening, ultra-smooth break-resistant graphite lead sharpens to exact fine point precision, does not break easily, requires less sharpening, and produces dark long-lasting, readable, consistent strokes.


✓Unsharpened #3 pencil

✓Comfortable to hold

✓Latex-free and smudge resistant eraser

✓Non-toxic premium wood

✓HB lead

✓Strong and break-resistant

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#3 Premium Yellow Pencil (12/Pack)


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