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3-Ring Binder Dividers w/ 8-Insertable Color Tabs

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Product description

8 Colors Dividers
Selection of 8 diverse colors so that you can coordinate your school supplies to get the fun or chic look you desire. The plastic multicolor dividers are color coded for quick and swift referencing. They come in assorted colors: pink, blue, green, purple, grey, red, white and light blue. Contemporary design and fun colors brighten up your daily life.

Includes White Labels
These plastic dividers are 11" x 8.9" and fit into most standard 3-ring binder. They extend beyond the page to give your papers more protection. The pack comes with 8-tab dividers for 3 ring binders and blank white labels are included to write tab titles on. Just slide the labels into the tabs for a finished look.

Reusable with Dry Eraser Markers
The dividers are transparent so what’s underneath can be easily seen. Made of durable PVC-free plastic, these binder dividers, are made from superior and safe materials. Have an organized and tidy binder that looks fresh and professional with our page dividers. Use it for extra practice since they are writable and erasable with any dry erase marker.

The Educated Choice

Make the decision that will bring you satisfaction when you choose Enday products. These page protectors are crystal clear so that you will have an easy time reading the papers inside. The sleeves come in a 20-pack, substantial enough to clearly organize the material for a business project and school report.

Thoughtfully Designed

These binders are made from quality materials that will stay looking new throughout the year. Colorful for a cheerful look and to easily find the correct subject, project, client etc. They are created with tabs that can be written on and labels are also provided for the customers convenience for a smooth and fast finding experience.

Sturdy and Organized

Have no worries about your dividers falling apart. Not only are they water and tear resistant they also give some protection to the papers inside them. Give your documents an order with our binder dividers so that they can be easily accessible when needed.


8 tab transparent dividers – labels for tabs included

Fit a standard 3-ring binder

Measure: 11" x 8.9" – extends beyond letter sized pages

Made of durable PVC-free plastic

Withstands wear, tear and water resistant

Helps protect documents and offers a professional appearance

Color coded for quick referencing

Writable and erasable with dry erase markers

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3-Ring Binder Dividers w/ 8-Insertable Color Tabs


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