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4 lead pencils and lead tube 0.7 mm

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Product description

Four Fun Colors
This art 0.7 mm mechanical pencil set comes with 4 colorful lead pencils in blue, green, purple, and pink bringing convenience and fun together. Included in the pack is a refill container with an extra 30 HB #2 lead pieces and 6 erasers. These pencils will keep the user going for a long time and help them focus on their task at hand.

Protective Tip Design
These lead pencils are produced from top quality materials to ensure a smooth and pleasurable writing experience. The HB #2 lead pencils have protective tips and thick, dark colored, anti-fading and hard to break Leads. The pencil erasers on top are made from latex free and extra soft rubber. Use these automatic pencils for a sharpening free experience.

Convenient Pocket Clip
These automatic pencils are Produced with cushion grip for comfort and stable control of the pencil. They are also made with a clip so they can be readily clipped onto pockets, notebooks, journals etc. Retractable design, press on top to extend the lead refill. Create dark and smooth lines with these pencils to get your writings and drawings neat and precise.

The Educated Choice

Make the decision that will make your child and/or your inner child delighted. We produce items made with quality materials ready to endure the daily grind so, that your supplies will last you from year to year. You will not go wrong with Enday it is the smart way to go!

Packaged to Perfection

Our 0.7 mm mechanical pencils with lead and erasers refills are packed in the most convenient way. With 4 durable, bright, and cheerful colored pencils and a pack of refills know these pencils will last you. The lead is reliable, resilient, and it does not break easily and comes with many pieces. The erasers are soft and erases pristinely without ruining the paper. Their durable and solid make up make them a great option.

Smooth Writing and Drawing

This .7 mechanical pencil with HB #2 lead and latex free erasers help you write and erase clearly without using pressure. Its dark color shows up distinctly even with a gentle hand. The mechanical pencil’s 0.7 lead is released with ease and draws sturdy and precise lines. The eraser removes mistakes completely so have no fear of erring and just focus on the task in front of you.


4 Bright Colored - 0.7 mm mechanical pencil

30 HB #2 refill lead pieces and 6 erasers

Protective tip design

Cushion grip for more comfort and control

Never needs sharpening

Produces smooth, clear and dark lines – anti-fading

Effortless dispensing

Can be clipped onto books

Does not break easily

Suitable for everyday use

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4 lead pencils and lead tube 0.7 mm


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