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Desk Style Fluorescent Highlighter w/ Cushion Grip (3/Pack)

  • Type: Highlighter
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Product description

Three Fluorescent Highlighters
The Highlighters come with 3 pieces per pack in fluorescent colors for a wide range of uses and places. The vivid highlighters provide maximum impact and instantly draw your eye to the key details and important information. You can coordinate your school supplies to get the fun or chic look you desire. Contemporary design and fun colors brighten up your daily life.

Pocket Clip
The pack of 3 yellow desk style highlighters have an cushion grip which makes it extremely comfortable to use. The highlighter pens have a high-quality removable cap which are easy to pull and has a pocket clip to prevent rolling. The compact size, high lighteners pen’s, portable pocket clip also provides easy storage in a pocket or planner.

Chisel Tip
The highlighter features a reliable, narrow, and thin chisel tip that creates both thick and thin lines with ease. The durable chisel tip holds its shape for reliably clean lines and long-lasting performance. The molded tip of these highlighters highlights text in an eye-catching, fluorescent, vibrant ink. Highlighter pens are small enough to slip into a pocket and carry.

Desk Style Highlighters

The highlighter pen provides a thick barrel and wide chisel tip that's perfect for highlighting larger fonts and blocks of text. The desk-style construction makes the highlighter comfortable to handle. Broad line for highlighting. The high lighter is perfect to cast shades easily and highlights smoothly. It can glide smoothly on all paper surfaces.

High Quality

Enday’s highlighters are a high-quality product. The highlighter set has bright fluorescent ink to help you emphasize text in your notes, documents, and textbooks. Each highlighter pen features a chisel tip for broad highlighting and fine underlining, and the highlighter won't dry out. Pocket clip adds style and convenience. The chisel tip allows a two-line width. Its bright yellow, green and pink color provides maximum impact.

Multi Uses

Because of their non-bleeding ink, it is possible to secure them to a pocket or planner so that they can be taken anywhere conveniently. Perfect for color-coding, journaling, memorizing your bible and books. Highlighters are safe and suitable for all ages to use. They provide a no bleed way to effortlessly highlight and underline phrases. They are perfect for a variety of uses. Highlight key passages with eye-catching fluorescent ink that won’t smudge pen, marker, or inkjet inks.


✓Highlighter has a molded narrow chisel tip.

✓It has a non-roll cap with a pocket clip.

✓The highlighters have a comfortable cushion grip.

✓It has fluorescent quick-drying ink.

✓It is safe for kids and adults.

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Desk Style Fluorescent Highlighter w/ Cushion Grip (3/Pack)


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