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Enday 4-Piece Geometry Ruler Combination Sets

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Set Of 4
The rulers measure in inches and metrics for the ease of all consumers. The set comes with 4 pieces: 12" (30 cm) ruler, 6.5" (16.5 cm) 30 /60 degree triangle ruler, 5.25" (13.3 cm) 45 /90 degree triangle ruler, and 6" (15.3 cm) 180 protractor set. The rulers for kids and adults are made with a lightweight plastic material so they can be easily carried around.

Designed with a transparent clear color so that everything beneath it can be seen. These mathematics rulers helps trace and draw the ultimate lines, angles and circumference for an accurate equation. Calculate and draw flawless shapes while getting a clear view of what is beneath the ruler.

Dual Scale
These 12 inches straight and triangle rulers and protractor set with inch and metric scales on them are portable and durable. Engineered so that the rulers can be easily placed inside a knapsack or pencil case. These rulers for math feature sharp numerals for accurate and precise measurements.

The Educated Choice

Make the decision that will make your child and/or your inner child delighted. We produce items made with quality materials ready to endure the daily grind so, that your supplies will last you from year to year. You will not go wrong with Enday it is the smart way to go!

Inclusive Design

Our clear plastic rulers are created with detailed and thought-out designs that make it a cut above. Starting with that it has both metrics and inches, its lightweight, and is made from transparent materials every minute detail was included, so you can have the perfect measurements and magnificent and meticulous shapes, angles and lines you strive for.

Precise Measurements

This set of tools is the one for any teacher, carpenter, engineer, mathematician, artist etc. with accurate dual scales and different style rulers get all your arithmetical equations and sketches down to a T. The school rulers are transparent so you can see the numbers and lines beneath it and get the most undeviating dimensions possible!

Numerous Shapes and Practical

With a translucent color and lightweight design you can bring the rulers to school or keep in your home or/and office to blend into the rest of your décor or supplies. It comes with a straight ruler, 30/60 degree triangle ruler, 45 /90 degree triangle ruler, and a 180 protractor so use all this geometry set has to offer to get the perfect numbers!!


4 piece set – 12” straight ruler, 30/60 degree triangle ruler, 45 /90 degree triangle ruler, and a 180 protractor

Accurate inch and centimeter dual-scale

Made of durable and lightweight plastic

Transparent Design – gives a clear view of what’s beneath it


Effective math tools

Great for lines, angles, and circumferences

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Enday 4-Piece Geometry Ruler Combination Sets


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