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Felt Chalkboard/Whiteboard Eraser w/ Hanger - Green

  • Type: Whiteboard Eraser
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Product description

For Fun Colors
Selection of 4 diverse colors so that you can coordinate your school supplies to get the fun or chic look you desire. The chalkboard eraser is ideal to cleanly erase of mistakes. The dry erase erasers measure 5" X 2" X 1” and are a rectangular shape. Contemporary design and fun colors brighten up your daily life.

Comfortable Grip
The whiteboard eraser's shape helps ensure a comfortable and secure hold. These chalkboard erasers are made of premium wool felt and are a rectangular shape, so that they can help you clean the blackboard or chalkboard simply and effectively. The eraser features a sturdy handle. Fits inside a standard whiteboard marker holder or can be hung and is great for kids and adults.

Dense Felt
The chalk eraser for kids is dust free and provides a fresh surface. The chalkboard eraser effortlessly wipes surfaces clean. The blackboard eraser has top-quality black and dense felt for better erasing and excellent chalk absorption. Get a long-lasting, high-quality eraser that is non-toxic, safe to use, and erases with ease.

About Product

Dry erasers are ideal for home, school, or office use. The chalk erasers for kids are dust-free and quickly and efficiently removes dry erase markers and chalk marks from boards without smudging or smearing. Use the eraser for anything from removing small mistakes, long lines of text, or examples, math homework, and more. This eraser is great for teachers, students and at work conferences.

Convenient and Versatile

The chalkboard eraser comes with a black felt bottom and 4 bright colored tops blue, pink, purple, and green. The eraser is created lightweight so it will be comfortable to hold and clean the board with. It comes with a hanger so it can be conveniently hung and accessible when needed.

Effective Results

Made of premium wool felt, the eraser offers a classic appearance and reliable performance. The eraser requires minimal pressure, which helps protect the integrity of the board. The chalk eraser has a rectangular shape that fits inside a standard whiteboard marker holder for easy access.


✓Chalkboard, whiteboard, and black board eraser

✓Will not scratch board surfaces

✓Dustless, lightweight, comfortable to grip, and non-toxic

✓Easy to access – can hang or put on marker holder

✓Black felt and colorful sturdy plastic tops

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Felt Chalkboard/Whiteboard Eraser w/ Hanger - Green


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