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Fluorescent Gel Highlighter (3/Pack)

  • Type: Highlighter
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Three Fluorescent Highlighters
The highlighters come in a pack of 3: green, pink, and yellow. The highlighters are ideal for color-coding assorted papers including bibles. This highlighter pack gives nice, solid, smooth lines for general writing, and they are always a good choice for fax and copy. The bright fluorescent colors put the focus on essential text and are translucent to allow for easy reading.

Sharpen For Finer Tip
The highlighters twist-up design reduces breakage of gel inside and remains clean under the protection of a plastic shell. The highlighter’s, smooth glide gel, highlights evenly and can be sharpened. Gel highlighters won't bleed through paper and are safe on all paper surfaces including glossy and thin papers, magazines, and Bibles.

Pocket Clip
The highlighters won't dry out even if left uncapped for days. Their short body can fit well in a pocket, has a pocket clip, and is easy to hold. Made with a simple clear appearance design. The no bleed highlighter writes for as long as a traditional highlighter. The color highlighters provide strong smear protection for any paper.

Protects And Emphasizes Your Handwritten Texts

The Fluorescent Gel The fluorescent gel highlighter protects and emphasizes your handwritten texts, with no shadow on the next page. Highlighters won't dry out if left uncapped. The twist-up gel stick design markers highlight while gliding smoothly across a page. Highlighters are perfect for highlighting, writing, doodling, and drawing. High Lighters come in green, pink, and yellow colors. The fashionable colors will give your work a subtle but stylish look. Bible gel highlighter write for as long as a traditional highlighter and work great on all paper surfaces, including glossy or thin papers.

Perfect For Memorizing And Work

Bible safe highlighter puts the focus on essential ideas and keywords on forms, notes, and documents. Convenient and versatile, the highlighter's ink quickly dries once applied to prevent it from bleeding through or smearing on paper. The color highlighter provides strong smear protection and is perfect for memorizing and a work schedule. It is very easy to read through after highlight.

Multiple Uses

The dry highlighters emphasize meaningful words, phrases, and passages. Ideal for college and elementary students for not taking and more. The bright, fluorescent colors put the focus on essential text, and it is translucent to allow for easy reading. Book Highlighters provides a no bleed way to effortlessly highlight and underline phrases.


Fluorescent gel highlighter has a twist-up design.

It can be sharpened for finer tips.

It won't bleed through paper.

It provides stronge smear protection.

Bright and vivid fluorescent colors - yellow, pink, green.

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Fluorescent Gel Highlighter (3/Pack)


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