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Glue Stick Washable Disappearing Purple 0.7 oz (21g) 2 pack

  • Type: Glue
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The purple glue sticks are strong adhesive dries fast and clear. In the field of arts and crafts, adhesives are very important especially when it comes to joining two different materials. There are various materials used in crafts and that is why a universal adhesive can be very useful to advocates. It is also important that the adhesive is heavy-duty and will not leave any dirt on the crafts. These adhesives are very flexible and useful. They can join papers, plastics, and woods.


The purple glue sticks can be used to decorate as well as adhere to materials together. The glue sticks for kids have a purple suitable formula that helps kids see where the glue is and are safe for children. The large glue sticks are applied smoothly and dries clear. The pack of glue sticks is a twist-up style applicator and also a mess-free box of glue sticks. The glues sticks do not contain latex. The glue sticks are washable with soap and water from hands, skin, and most fabrics.


The school supplies glue to bond to virtually all materials including paper, metal, plastic, wood, fabric, ceramic, florals, glass, foam, lace, ribbon, synthetic fabric, and more. dries quickly and clear. The glue sticks for school are ideal and can use for arts, crafts, school glue, and school projects using lightweight materials. The thick glue sticks have the ideal size that you can use easily for the classroom, group projects, parties, learning pods, home, office, and kitchen drawer.



Disappearing Purple
Twist-Up Style Applicator

Safe for Children


Strong Adhesive

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Glue Stick Washable Disappearing Purple 0.7 oz (21g) 2 pack


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