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Mini Fluorescent Highlighter with Cap Clip (6/Pack)

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Product description

Six Vibrant Colors
The Highlighters come with 6 pieces per pack in different colors for a wide range of uses and places, so that you can coordinate your school supplies to get the fun or chic look you desire. The vivid fluorescent Mini highlighters provide maximum impact and instantly draw your eye to the key details and important information. Contemporary design and fun colors brighten up your daily life.

Chisel Tip
The small highlighters feature molded chisel tips which can be used for broad highlighting as well as fine underlining. The durable chisel tip holds its shape for reliably clean lines and long-lasting performance. The chisel pointed highlighters come in a compact size, with a comfortable grip, and pocket clip, which makes them convenient to put in a pocket and carry.

Ring Attaches Keychain
These high-quality mini highlighters have a detachable cap with a clip and a ring that can attach to keychains, book bags, or lanyards, which makes it ideal for tasks on the go. The multi color highlighters are nontoxic and acid free. The assorted highlighters are fast drying, which prevents smears and smudges. They are filled with a water-based ink for effortless and smooth gliding.

Prevents Smears and Smudges

Highlighter prevents smears and smudges. The highlighters come in six brilliant vivid colors: fluorescent pink, fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green, fluorescent purple, and fluorescent blue. The highlighter pen writes for as long as a traditional highlighter. The small Highlighters work great on all paper surfaces, including glossy or thin papers. Ideal for college students, teachers' must-haves, note-taking, and more. Because of their non-bleeding ink, it is possible to secure them to a pocket or planner to take with you conveniently..

Mini Highlighter Key chain

Detachable cap clips highlighters make great gifts for students, office workers, and warehouse employees. The mini highlighter with a ring for keychains has a comfortable grip and come in assorted colors. They are reusable. Color highlighters are perfect for a variety of uses. These assorted highlighters come in a pen-style designs with chisel points.

Multiple Uses

Highlighter pens are used to emphasize meaningful words, phrases, and passages. The bright, fluorescent colors put the focus on essential text and it is translucent to allow for easy reading. Highlighters provide a no bleed way to effortlessly highlight and underline phrases. They come in handy as a nurse or for badges.


The small highlighter has quick-drying ink.

The mini highlighter has a molded narrow chisel tip.

It won't bleed and provides strong smear protection.

It has a detachable cap clip.

Ideal for smooth highlighting and underlining.

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Mini Fluorescent Highlighter with Cap Clip (6/Pack)


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