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Multi Purpose 3" X 5" Card File Box blue

  • Type: Organizer
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Product description

Six Fun Colors
Selection of 6 diverse colors so that you can coordinate your school supplies to get the fun or chic look you desire. Translucent design keeps contents visible. Allows you to easily locate and quickly find what you need. Contemporary design and fun colors brighten up your daily life.

Secure Latch Closure
Made of BPA-free & Non-toxic PP plastic boxes. Its latch closure keeps contents secure, simply press the latch down toward the case for the mechanism to lock the index card box shut. Note card boxes can easily archive notes, contact information, and personal items. Flash cardholders keeps the desk neat.

Fits 3" x 5" Cards
The box measures 5.5" x 3.5" x 2.9". Holds 3" x 5" size cards and fits up to 250 cards or similar size recipes and smaller desk accessories. 3x5 index card box is semi clear so contents are visible and can be easily located. Index card holder offers a stackable design. The index card case has a hinge that is easy to open to check the cards inside.

Organize your notes, contacts, or lists with these index card files. The compact size fits in a drawer or on a small desk, and the lid closes securely to keep items tucked safely away. The interior of this container and the lid feature a top-notch design to hold index cards upright and in place. With a low-profile look and many colors, these index card files can blend seamlessly with your other office/home accessories.

Easy to Use and Organize Items

Index boxes can help sort and organize flashcards for home, school, college, and kindergarten. It can also help to keep track of all your online logins, addresses, phone numbers, special dates, and paper/pencil records of things. Keep your card stacked and organized, declutter your desk by putting each card project in its own compact box.

Snap Security

The plastic index/recipe box is sturdy and has many uses. It holds 3” x 5” index cards which can be used for recipes, notes, to-do lists, and much more! The bottom of the inside of the box has raised grooves to keep cards from sliding when the box is not full and the lid snaps securely shut by the plastic clasp in the front of the box.

Multi Uses

These index card holders can be used for a wide range of applications and environments. In the home - to record and store recipes, shopping lists, contact information, and other organizational data. In business - to record presentation notes, project research and notes, and contact information. In schools - as flashcards or other visual aids; In academic research - to hold data such as bibliographical citations or notes.


✓Compact size to display on your desk or slide into a drawer.

✓Semi-Clear / Translucent keeps contents visible.

✓Latch closure keeps contents secure.

✓Index Card Boxes keep your index cards organized and neat.

✓Can hold up to 250 cards.

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Multi Purpose 3" X 5" Card File Box blue


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