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Washable White Liquid Glue - 4oz

  • Type: Glue
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Product description

Safe And Easy To Use
Our classic Liquid glue is completely safe and easy to use. It comes in a 4 oz (118 ml) bottle that fits nicely into the grasp for even small hands yet is big enough to carry enough glue to keep the consumer going for a long time. The no-run formula allows you to easily make minor adjustments to the item before it dries & sets in place.

Adjustable Twist Closure
Open and close the glue bottle effortlessly with its twist to open cover and applicator. Glue for kids is produced with a no-run formula that provides a strong bond with a lot of materials. Once the material is set on the glue it can be adjusted until it dries it then will stay in its designated spot.

Dries Clear
The useful white glue goes on white making it easy to see and handle. It then dries clear, leaving you with professional-quality results. It's also easily washable and can be rinsed away with some soap and warm water, making the cleanup quick and simple. Smoothly apply the liquid glue in a thin film and for the best clear drying results.

The Educated Choice

Make the decision that will bring you satisfaction when you choose Enday products. These page protectors are crystal clear so that you will have an easy time reading the papers inside. The sleeves come in a 20-pack, substantial enough to clearly organize the material for a business project and school report.

Designed Safely for Kids

This glue for kids is the perfect glue to us in school and in classrooms since it is made from nontoxic acid and latex free formula. Have no worries about your children or their clothing getting dirty since this glue is easily washable from skin and laundered fabrics.

Great for Crafts and Activities

Glue that sticks well. Move materials until you are satisfied and that let it dry in place and it will stick firmly there. The perfect glue to use in the classroom, at day camps etc. This glue can be used for slime a great activity to do with children add colors and glitter to really spice things up.


4 oz (118 ml) Liquid Glue Bottle - Can be easily gripped

Non toxic (acid and latex free) and photo safe

Washable - cleans easily off of hands and some clothes

No-run formula, applies smoothly and dries clear

Features a twist closure and applicator

Use to make homemade slime

Bonds tight and can be adjust before setting into place

Will stay in designated chosen spot

KEEP AWAY from materials that can not be laundered

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Washable White Liquid Glue - 4oz


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